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Protect Your Devices Using Coupon Codes for OtterBox

OtterBox has technology covered as the state of the art company for protective solutions for the world’s wireless distributors and carriers and handheld manufacturers. Built upon the fundamentals of creativity, perseverance, and had work, OtterBox was founded more than fifteen years ago starting with something as simple as a box. Today, they are the leading smartphone case producer, and we can help you get discounts on their products with our coupon codes.

OtterBox Overview

The name OtterBox has become synonymous with waterproof electronic cases for mobile devices thanks to their dominance of the industry. Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, OtterBox is the registered trademark name of a privately owned consumer electronics accessory company. Originating as a manufacturer of device specific tablet and smartphone cases and waterproof boxes designer for outdoor enthusiasts, they were founded in 1998.

Nowadays, OtterBox’s product line focus is on both waterproof and non-waterproof protective cases for smartphones. In response to the rise in popularity of water sports, Curt Richardson designed the first OtterBox in his garage in 1991. He finished the project in 1995, and it was 100 percent waterproof. Around this product, he founded the company.

By 2001, the company was designing cases for iPods, but they pulled out of that market in 2010 to focus on mobile technologies and devices. OtterBox has expanded in another respect providing protection accessories for military technologies on the battlefield. They have more than 400 employees with offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia, and Ireland.

There are seven main OtterBox series. They are:

  • Pursuit Series – Contains internal cushioning and protects against scratches, dropping, water, and dust.
  • Prefix Series – Has an internal polycarbonate backbone and a silicone layer and comes with a screen protector. Protects against scratches and dropping.
  • Commuter Series – Comes with a screen protectors and has a polycarbonate outer layer and silicone inner layer. Protects against dust, scratches, and dropping.
  • Armor Series – Protects against dropping, water, crushing, and dust.
  • Impact Series – Has a screen protector and textured silicon outer layer and protects against scratches and dropping.
  • Reflex Series – Comes with screen protector and is a two piece layer that protects against scratches and dropping.
  • Defender Series – Comes with a holster and has three layers: polycarbonate inner layer, silicone outer layer, and integrated screen protector. Protects against dust, scratches and dropping.

Highlights of the Website

The site gives you two main ways to shop: by series or by the type of device you have. On their home page, there are a three of the most common devices listed, or you can enter your brand, device, and model to find what selection they have. Once you enter your device type, you are whisked away to a list of the series that available for that device. For some products, you can actually build your own case from a vast array of colors. Shipping is incredibly inexpensive with In fact, it is free! And, if you want your order in two days, it only costs you $5! Coupon Information

OtterBox is unrivalled in the mobile device case industry. As such, they are able to set their prices as high as they would like. Consequently, they get a bit pricey. We are here to make the cases more cost effective for you with our coupon codes. recently introduced their line of iPhone 5 cases, as such, you can save fifteen percent on orders over $100, ten percent on $75 and over, and five percent for orders more than $50 with this code. This makes the best and the most affordable.